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        Welcome to New Alliance Capital!


        United ImagingChinese largest provider of advanced medical imaging device and integrated solutionhttps://www.united-imaging.com/cn/home/
        Shanghai Engineering Cell TherapyShanghai leading immune cell therapy centerhttp://www.shcell.com/
        Ping An Healthcare and TechnologyThe biggest online diagnosis platform in Chinahttp://www.jk.cn/
        We DoctorA leading mobile Internet portal for medical treatment and Internet hospital in Chinahttp://www.guahao.com/
        MicroPortA leading vascular device company in China(688016.SH)http://www.microport.com.cn
        Cheng Da BiotechnologyThe largest rabies vaccine firm in China (831550.OC)http://cdbio.cn/
        STA PharmaA leading CMO firm (832159.OC)http://www.stapharma.com.cn/cn/
        SinotherapeuticsLeading Chinese and American high - end generic drug enterpriseshttp://www.sinotherapeutics.com/
        THOUSANDAKSLeading supplier of bio-pharmaceutical technical services and contract manufacturing serviceshttp://www.tobiopharm.com/
        JZJ Health Drug StoreOne of the largest pharmaceutical retailer in southwest Chinahttp://home.jzj.cn/
        Medi MedicalA leading manufacturer of magnetocardiography based on SQUID sensorshttp://www.cshmedi.com/
        LombardGlobal leading minimally invasive medical device R&D firmhttp://www.lombardmedical.com/
        Sight DXUtilizing advanced computer vision and machine learning technology in the realm of blood diagnosticshttps://www.sightdx.com/
        Rapid MedicalGlobal leading interventional treatment device deceloper for brain stokehttps://www.rapid-medical.com/
        Guangzhou HongqiA rapid growth medical diagnostic equipment firmhttp://www.hqbio.com/
        DVLChinese styptic powder manufacturer (870445.OC)
        Maogo TVA New Media platform of Hunan TVhttp://www.mgtv.com/
        Yicai GlobalThe most influential financial media with full varieties in Chinahttp://www.yicai.com/
        360A leading server of Internet and mobile Internet security products and services fieldhttp://www.360.com/
        ANKERLeading in the field of cross-border e-commerce brand operators, ranking first in the field of charging, power supply and USB (839473.OC)http://www.anker.com/
        PNCDomestic high purity process system solution provider (603690.SH)http://www.pnc-systems.com/
        Jushri TechnologiesHigh-tech broadband wireless communication company(300762.SZ)http://www.jushri.com
        Microsoft New AllianceMobile Internet serverhttp://www.ovi.com.cn/
        New Classics MediaOne of the largest film and television production issuers in Chinahttp://www.ncmchina.com/
        Mahua Fun AgeThe most appealling living theater organization in Chinahttp://www.kaixinmahua.com.cn/
        SMG PicturesSMG subsidiary- film and television firm (600637.SH)http://www.smgpictures.cn/
        ChubaoAn innovative Internet company with leading real-time coomunication tools and input method(CTK.N)http://www.chubao.cn/
        Shanghai Data ExchangeA leading data exchange platform in Chinahttp://www.chinadep.com/
        AdTechOne of the leadeing firm in the industrial automation and motion control field (002527.SZ)http://www.adtechcn.com
        CAIPLeading domestic manufacturer of car interior accessories (603035.SH)http://www.caip.com.cn/
        IDSSLeading provider of information & data security solutionshttp://www.idss-cn.com
        ShopexThe largest e-commerce software firm in Chinahttp://www.shopex.cn
        KJT.comThe top cross-border e-commerce firm in Chinahttp://www.kjt.com/
        PetkitA leading technology firm in the pet industryhttp://www.petkit.com/
        See YaLeading silicon-based OLED companies in Chinahttp://www.seeya-tech.com/
        Action PowerA leading company of power & electronics R&D in Chinahttp://www.cnaction.com
        HLGFA leading company of flight simulator R&Dhttp://www.kshlgf.com
        UnionTechAn industrial 3D printing company (836987.OC)http://www.union-tek.com
        EmoneyA leading Internet securities software company in China (832950.OC)http://www.emoney.cn/
        ZStackA leading private/hybrid cloud provider in Chinahttps://www.zstack.io/
        CertusNetDomestic leading provider in flexible network core technology,integrated solutions,and operation service.http://www.certusnet.com.cn/
        InnovizWorld leading solid state LiDAR companyhttps://innoviz.tech/
        WestWellLeading AI solution service providershttp://www.westwell-lab.com/en/home/
        HaihuanA state-owned water operation firm in Fujian Province (603817.SH)http://www.fjhxhb.com/
        CSD Water ServiceA leading private sewage operating firm (603903.SH)http://www.zchb-water.net/
        SupratecLeading supplier of water treatment equipment and technologyhttp://www.supratecgroup.cn/
        Tong Oil ToolsA leading oil service provider in China (300164.SZ)http://www.tongoiltools.com/
        Synfuels ChinaMarket leader of CTL fieldhttp://www.synfuelschina.com.cn/
        VatonNatural gas pipeline construction and operation firm (833403.OC)http://www.xavaton.com/
        RichtechOffshore oil and gas development engineering designer (832547.OC)http://www.richtechcn.com/
        China UnionPayThe largest and Exclusive bank card organization in Chinahttp://cn.unionpay.com/
        BOC InternationalA leading broker in Chinahttp://www.bocichina.com/
        CHICMAXA domestic leading cosmetics brand in Chinahttp://www.kans.cn/

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